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Nr. from project evidence Project nr. Project name Note
24.24-1-1997Parish church "sv. Luke Ev" in Osijek - JosipovacFinished
38.038-1-1998.GISKO - Osijek, city and university library Osijek, atticFinished
44.044-8-4-2001Jesus Classic Gymnasium in Osijek Tvrđa - reconstruction and adaptation of the existing building for new pourposesFinished
58.058-1-2000Monastery Klarisa in PožegaFinished
68.068-1-2001The parish church in Kaptol, interior designFinished
76.076-1-2002. 076-2-1-2003 076-3-1-2003Pakrac - complex Jankovic, Mali Dvor and the surrounding areaPartially done
77.077-2002Lipik - hospital complex Marble baths Stone baths Research works Project for the reconstruction of the facade Project: new building for physical therapy and pools, project ideaPartially done
82.082-2-2003Upgrade the City Council building in OsijekProject idea
85.085-1-1-2003Lipik - Pharmacy Project: facade reconstruction and interior decorationFinished
86.086-1-2003-1 086-1-2003-2 Stara Svilana, Požega Project : exterior decoration, reconstruction of the existing facility Finished
87.087-1-1-2003 087-1-2-2003 Old City Hall in Pakrac Architecture projectFinished
90.090-1-2004 090-1-2004 Museum Nova Gradiška Conservatory study, project idea for reconstruction and anex of the museum Under construction
96.096-1-2005New building of the regional cadastre office in Požega Finished
101.101-1-2004. 101-1-2004-1 101-2-2004-1 Župna Crkva rođenja Svetog I. Krstitelja, Darda reconstruction of a war damaged buildingFinished
104.104-1-2004Virovitica Pejacevic castle, building restoration, renovation of the city museumPrinciple permits
107.107-1-2005Pakrac - Croatian defenders home, reconstruction of the existing facility,new pourpose adaptation Finished
109.109-1-2005Novska - Pastoralni centar sa župnom crkvom, new constructionUnder construction
111.111-2-2005-1BIOS - construction of the third production hallFinished
117.117-1-2006"Women's shelter" - shelter for the abused in Osijek, project ideaProject idea
118.118-1-2006City Museum in Požega, reconstruction and upgrade, project ideaAquiering the location licence
124.124-1-2006Palace Pejacevic in Virovitica, documentation for the reconstructionUnder construction
124.124-6-2011Business structures - an interpolationMain project
131.131-1-2006Strmac hospital, documentation for the reconstruction and upgradingFinished
138.138-1-2007Cathedral restoration project in PozegaFinished
142.142-1-2007State Archives in Osijek, the documentation for the reconstruction and adaptationMain project
144.144-1-2008New Building, Faculty of Philosophy in OsijekProject idea
147.147-1-2008The preliminary design for the church and parish hall construction in SlatinaConceptual Design
148.148-2-2008Construction of buildings DVD DardaMain project
155.155-1-2008Historicist castle "Tikveš"Under construction
163.163-3-2011New space additions for kindergarten Radost in DardaDetailed design
168.082-2-2003Urban architectural solution of the complex in Knin (the new church and pastoral center)Project bidding
175.175-1-2009Reformist church in Kneževi vinogradi - interior decoration projectFinished
175.175-2-2010Reformers church in Kneževi vinogradi - facade and the environment desginUnder construction
184.184-2-2010Esterhazy castle in DardaExisting situation study and ideological concept of conversion
185.185-1-2011Lipik, Fontane buildingCurrent project status and preliminary design for reconstruction
193.193-1-2011Secession well, OsijekRehabilitation project
194.194-1-2011Trenk's courtConservation study
194.194-2-2011Trenk's court in Pakrac - conversion to the pupil's home and hostelThe preliminary architectural design

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